Winter in Ouray, Colorado

The winter is beautiful in Ouray, Colorado with ice, snow, and the impressive scenery to enjoy as well. People go ice climbing, skiing, and enjoy all the winter activities there are to experience, then afterward they go to the hot springs to thaw out. Winter in Ouray is great. Besides the snow and hot springs,…Continued

Rocky Adventures in Ouray

Ouray is situated in the perfect spot for the exhilarating activity of rock climbing! The San Juan mountains are right next to Ouray, and they have some of the best mountaineering and rock climbing routes around. If you’re a rock climber, then you’ll like this place! Part of what makes rock climbing here so fun…Continued

Experience the Thrill of Perimeter Trail

With its location nestled in the San Juan Mountains, Ouray’s hiking appeal makes perfect sense. With so many different trails offering picturesque vistas of the landscape and a hearty walk, how do you go about choosing the best trail if time is limited? Allow us to introduce the incredible Perimeter Trail. In terms of vistas,…Continued