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Big Plans for the Box Cañon Sign

Nov 30, 2017 | News, Uncategorized


If you’ve traveled into Ouray, you’ve probably caught at least a glimpse of the 30-foot wide by 20-foot tall Box Cañon sign located about Ouray. Chances are, you’ve probably also noticed its disrepair. A group calling itself the Box Cañon Sign Committee recently got together to take care of the sign and give it some much needed attention.

The iconic Box Cañon sign was erected way back in December 1908 after it was suggested by then Ouray Mayor Charles A. Sperber. The sign was envisioned as a symbol of civic pride and notoriety which would be visible at all hours of the day from just about anywhere someone happened to be in Ouray. However, as the years went by the sign began to show wear and tear, from the lights which were removed to the misshapen letters and the graffiti still visible on it since the 1920s. Even the pole responsible for carrying electrical wires to the sign had been cut.

The Box Cañon Sign Committee still faces hurdles in its mission to repair the Ouray Box Cañon sign including raising funds. Should you wish to donate to its restoration, you can visit https://boxcanonsign.com to make a contribution as well as learn more about the project.

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