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Ouray Ice Festival Is on the Horizon

Jan 10, 2020 | News, Ouray Colorado Condos, Ouray Vacation Rentals

In addition to the annual opening of Ouray Ice Park, the Ouray Ice Festival is among the most eagerly awaited events of Ouray. Starting from the 23rd to the 26th of January, the event is centered around the beloved sport of ice climbing. Whether you’re someone who chose 2020 as the year you’re going to be an ice climber or a pro who knows their way around a treacherous wall of ice, the festival is open to everyone.

In addition to the various exhibitions and vendors selling and talking all ice climbing equipment, one of the highlights of the Ouray Ice Festival is when numerous spectators visit the Gorge to watch as the most talented ice climbers duke it out for the top prize as they use their kills to climb the manmade walls of ice.

Along with the various shows, clinics (including more than 100), and more, Ouray Ice Festival also features evening events such as dance parties, multimedia presentations, songs, and more.

There is no fee to attend the Ouray Ice Festival, much like the Ouray Ice Park itself. Only the activities and clinics that take place at night need money to attend.

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