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Ouray’s Famous Attraction Welcomes You Once Again

Dec 20, 2018 | News, Ouray Colorado Condos, Ouray Vacation Rentals

If you have yet to experience a winter in Ouray, Colorado, definitely add it to your bucket list. From the snowcapped San Juan Mountains to the vivid kaleidoscope of nature, classic sights, and the wealth of different things to do, winter is an ideal reason to spend the chilly season in scenic Ouray.

In case the news passed you by last week, we think you may be interested in knowing that the Ouray Ice Park is open for the season! As a major Ouray attraction, the Ouray Ice Park only continues to grow bigger and better in attendance. Today, Ouray Ice Park is known across the globe for its ice climbing, attracting locals and foreigners wishing to learn more or experience the thrill of ice climbing. It’s estimated that nearly 300,000 people drop by Ouray Ice Park every year!

With numerous distinct ice and mixed climbs, Ouray Ice Park has a climb for every person regardless of their skill level. Beginners can try one of the easygoing climbs overseen by professionals while those that are experienced in ice climbing will find lots of climbs that will require them to utilize what they’ve learned.

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