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Soak in the Springs of Colorado

Feb 15, 2021 | News, Ouray Colorado Condos, Ouray Vacation Rentals

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool is absolutely one of the places you should consider visiting Ouray, providing some great for family members of all ages. Do keep in mind that there may be restrictions in place, however. You may also try to venture outside and discover other springs that offer much relaxation and excitement as you delve deeper into the country’s “Switzerland of America” and beyond.

In the San Juan Mountains nestled within the southwestern area of Colorado, Pagosa Springs awaits. The springs encircle over two million acres of lush flora and abundant woodland. This is where it is still possible to find the ancient Great Pagosa Hot Springs, the deepest geothermal aquifer in the globe.

Explorers and Native Americans frequented Steamboat Springs a lot until it metamorphosed into a world-class ski resort. The springs seen today provide tons of relaxation and there are activities like skiing, hiking, and much more to enjoy.

To find Glenwood Springs municipality and its numerous hot springs, you’ll venture into the gorgeous territory of the famous Rocky Mountains. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, home of the Cliffhanger, the nation’s highest elevation roller coaster, is an absolute thrill for adventure seekers!

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