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The Woodinville Weekly Singles Out Ouray

Jun 26, 2020 | News, Ouray Colorado Condos, Ouray Vacation Rentals

The community newspaper known as The Woodinville Weekly has been covering the city of Woodinville, Washington since the early 1990s and it has a circulation of more than 25,000. While its topics usually center around the city, it recently talked about “a slice of Switzerland”, referring to none other than Ouray, Colorado.

The article goes deep into the broad appeal of Ouray and the many things it has to offer. For example, it talks about the more than seventy trails that are available including Ouray Perimeter Trail which extends more than five miles and offers lots of distinct terrain.

Also mentioned is Box Cañon, a waterfall found in the larger Box Canyon Falls Park. The 80+ foot waterfall is a sight to see and drops into a steep canyon visible from several different vantage points. It’s definitely one of the many sights to see.

Other notable places mentioned include Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Ouray Via Ferrata, and the various shops on Main Street.

If you’re ready to experience Ouray, we are eager to welcome you to the vacation rentals of Alpenglow. To read The Woodinville Weekly article, please visit the following link:https://www.nwnews.com/index.php/community/18628-latitudes-discover-a-slice-of-switzerland-in-ouray.

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