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Try Some Yoga in Ouray

Jul 5, 2018 | News, Ouray Colorado Condos, Ouray Vacation Rentals

Have you ever tried yoga? It’s not so much an exercise as it is a spiritual, physical, and mental discipline with origins dating back to ancient India. Though there are many different types, the most popular of them remain Hatha yoga and Rāja yoga.

Even if your familiarity with yoga is minimal, you likely have some small degree of awareness of its many benefits for the body and mind. In regards to the body, yoga can potentially reduce chronic pain, boost flexibility, increase strength, and also lose weight. If you’re someone who frequently deals with stress, yoga is absolutely fantastic as a stress management tool as it uses a variety of breathing and meditation exercises aimed at improving overall well-being. This can also help with improving concentration, which is great for school or a long day at the office.

Another perk of yoga is its flexibility (pun intended) for beginners. Even if you aren’t the least bit active, getting started with yoga is easy for anyone regardless of their skill level. If you’re interested, Fellin Park will be hosting a free yoga session later this month beginning bright and early at 9 am. Make sure to bring your own towel and mat and you’ll be all set to try something new and incredibly rewarding!

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