Ouray Colorado

Animas Forks

Among the many fascinating things to do in Ouray, Colorado, there is Animas Forks. Originally called Three Forks of the Animas, the first cabins were built there dating back to 1873. The town is located high in the San Juan Mountains. In 1876 Animas was a mining community. The small community was home to about…Continued

Your Spring Excursion Awaits at Alpenglow

Spring is set to begin later this month. While the current Ouray temperatures are better suited for staying indoors, the vacation rentals of Alpenglow are ready to welcome you to once the temperatures ramp up and Ouray becomes a colorfully picturesque town worth being outdoors for. You’ll find one, two, and three bedrooms among our…Continued

One of the Best Saloons in Colorado Is Found in Ouray

  When thinking about a saloon, what comes to mind? You probably think of the classic bars prominently mentioned and featured in stories about the Old West. These places were known to be frequented by soldiers, cowboys, gamblers, and miners and reached the apex of their popularity in the late 1800s. While saloons are not…Continued

The Sage Spa Welcomes You

Did you book your Alpenglow stay already? Congratulations, we can’t wait to welcome you! While you’re here, we also invite you to visit the ultra-relaxing Sage Spa, a sanctuary that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and relaxed. The Sage Spa is meant to fulfill as many of your desires as possible so you enjoy…Continued

More Springs to Explore in 2019

When you’re in Ouray, the revamped Ouray Hot Springs Pool is definitely an attraction that you should try and visit. While we’re still dealing with the winter temperatures, you may be thinking about some cooler areas to explore once the temperatures rise. Ouray Hot Springs should definitely be added to your agenda, but you may…Continued