Activities to Experience Close to Alpenglow

During your stay at Alpenglow, you’re likely going to want to do some sightseeing while social distancing. Thankfully Ouray and its surrounding area are practically bursting at the seams with places to explore, provided they are open of course. We are going to start with the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway. If you’ve…Continued

Experience the Great Outdoors in Ouray

Just minutes away from Alpenglow Vacation Rentals is Ridgway State Park. Welcoming those far and near, the state park offers countless activities for you and your family! The scenic atmosphere and magnificent wildlife make for the perfect getaway. The extensive terrain allows for activities such as boating, water skiing, fishing, bird calling, rock climbing, and other memorable…Continued

The Woodinville Weekly Singles Out Ouray

The community newspaper known as The Woodinville Weekly has been covering the city of Woodinville, Washington since the early 1990s and it has a circulation of more than 25,000. While its topics usually center around the city, it recently talked about “a slice of Switzerland”, referring to none other than Ouray, Colorado. The article goes…Continued

Enjoy the Hot Springs of Ouray Once Again

A couple of Colorado’s hot springs have started reopening after being closed because of the pandemic, though the experience of a hot spring soak may be a little different than past experiences. Let’s take a brief look at a few of the hot springs and/or resorts already welcoming guests back for a refreshing dip in…Continued

Ouray Is Getting a Taste of Europe

As Ouray continues to adapt, some recent changes approved by the Ouray City Council are going to take the country’s “Switzerland of America” into something resembling a Europe-like experience, at least temporarily. After holding a meeting earlier this month, Ouray’s business district is going to look a lot livelier. A recent ordinance has paved the…Continued

What to Know About Staying in Ouray

At Alpenglow, we’re excited to have you stay in one of our vacation rentals. However, we’re also very well aware of the factors that are affecting travel. If you’re thinking about staying at our sister site Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, some new policies have gone into effect addressing COVID-19 that you may wish…Continued

The Red Light District Past of Ouray, Colorado

Have you ever wondered what Ouray was once like? The origins of Ouray are rich and wildly entertaining. The red light district gained prominence during the late 1800s and today it provides another lively, interesting glimpse of how life was during a much, much different time in history. Ouray’s red light district was located primarily…Continued

The Many Springs of Colorado

During your visit to Ouray, the Ouray Hot Springs Pool is a must-visit, boasting numerous activities that everyone in the family can enjoy. While you’re enjoying the “Switzerland of America”, you may also decide to explore beyond and find other springs to admire and potentially soak in. Much like the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, the…Continued

Make Ouray One of Your Top Holiday Season Options

The Christmas season is long over but with January almost over, you may already be brainstorming what you might like to do for Christmas 2020. Typically Christmas evokes images of festive scenery, a sense of goodwill and snow aplenty. Therefore, if you plan to travel somewhere, you may be looking for a small town atmosphere…Continued

Ouray Ice Festival Is on the Horizon

In addition to the annual opening of Ouray Ice Park, the Ouray Ice Festival is among the most eagerly awaited events of Ouray. Starting from the 23rd to the 26th of January, the event is centered around the beloved sport of ice climbing. Whether you’re someone who chose 2020 as the year you’re going to…Continued